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1. What is the process for ordering a custom drawing?

First, take a look at this guide and the price table. If you agree with my fee and have a reference photo, feel free to send me an inquiry. I typically respond within 24 hours on weekdays, letting you know if the photo is suitable and discussing the best way to proceed with the drawing.

2. How long does it typically take to complete a commissioned drawing?

I can complete a drawing within 1 month, and if a quicker turnaround is necessary, we can discuss an expedited service fee. In any case, we'll mutually agree on a timeframe, which I will adhere to. Being self-employed allows me flexibility in managing my time effectively. Of course, having more time is always ideal.

3. What type of reference material do you require to start the drawing?

Please read the "Reference Photo" guide.

4. Can I request specific customizations or changes to my drawing?

Of course, many things are possible with my style of art. Please simply send me your ideas, and I will get back to you with suggestions.

5. How is communication handled during the drawing process?

Shortly before I begin your drawing, I will send you a 30% deposit invoice. Once this payment is settled, I commence with the drawing process. If you wish, you can receive work-in-progress photos, but I recommend letting it be a surprise. When the drawing is complete, you will receive a preview. Upon payment of the total amount, I will securely package and ship your drawing

6. What materials are used for the drawings?

I use one of the highest-quality papers in the world, 'Arches Grain Satine,' as the foundation for my artwork. This paper ensures the longevity of the drawings. Your artwork is created using premium charcoal pencils, graphite, and Pan Pastel. To finish, your masterpiece is sealed with high-quality art varnish from 'Delacroix,' providing an added layer of protection.

7. Can you frame my drawing?

Of course, I can also frame your drawing and send it to you already framed. You can choose from a variety of frames that best complement the image and your living space. I'm happy to provide you with a photo montage so you can see how the drawing looks in each frame. I offer framing services for a small fee to cover the associated costs.

8. How is the delivery of physical drawings handled, and are there additional costs?

I package your drawing with the utmost care and ship it securely in a robust box worldwide. Depending on the delivery country and size, there will be individual shipping costs that we will discuss in advance. Each drawing is sealed and wrapped in translucent paper before packing.

9. What kinds of subjects or themes can be chosen for commissioned drawings?

There are no limits to photorealistic drawings, whether it's houses, cars, ships, or landscapes. In principle, I can bring anything to life; just send me an inquiry.

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